First testing with new StrikingColor shards

This week I was stalking the mailman. I was waiting for a package of new glass by StrikingColor, a small boutique glass manufacturer here in the US. They make the most amazing silver glass colors, and due to the rareness of this glass, it’s not often that I can score and get some. Whenever a new, small batch of glass becomes available, it sells out literally within the first hours after listing.

That’s why I was really happy that I got one pound of the newest batch of cane “Cmd1213” as well as 4 oz. of shards blown from a glass with the name “Cma1210” (Brad, when are you finally coming out with REAL names????).

I wasn’t able to play with the cane yet, but couldn’t wait any longer to give the shards a whirl. Here are my first test beads, on a base of opaque Cobalt. The colors vary a lot, depending on hot the glass is treated in the flame and how many attempts I made to reset the striking cycle. Lots of potential, that’s for sure!

Cobalt Strikingcolor Nuggets (available on Etsy)


Close up:


I will continue to test the new shards this weekend – on different base colors as well as how it reacts when encased with clear.ย Can’t wait to have some play time ๐Ÿ™‚
Also I gave some small samples of these shards to 4 other local beadladies today that I met for lunch and hope to see pictures of their results! I find it always fascinating to see how some glass colors lead to very different results depending on who’s working with them.

Talk soon,




  1. Nancy cole

    Absolutely beautiful colors and I love the nugget shape.

  2. Thanks so much Nancy ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. They look great Judith! I have 1 lb. of Brad’s glass I bought a while ago. I hardly ever use it because I’m not that good at “playing” with silver glass… I did make some diamond shaped beads with it and got some good colors, but you got great colors!

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