Clarity series: 3 new necklaces

I made some more blown hollow beads … yay! This is actually really addictive, and I have quite a few colors that I want to try.

So today I listed the first three necklaces in my Etsy jewelry shop. I called the new collection “Clarity” and am planning several versions of it – some with gold leaf or silver leaf decoration, others with silver glass traces and multicolored/striped beads. Anyways, here are pictures of the first three designs.

Let me know what you think: any colors that you would love to see these in for Fall/Winter?  🙂

Clarity Pale Apple Green

Clarity Apple & Fuchsia Mix

Clarity Fuchsia

Watch this space for more Clarity hollow necklaces in other color combinations after the weekend 🙂

Talk soon,



  1. Nancy

    Your blown glass beads are fabulous!!! They are just beautiful. You truly do awesome work and it’s clear that you take so much pride in your beads and love what you do. Everyone should be that lucky to be able to be so talented and truly love what they do.

  2. I love the way you rolled it in the silver!! So pretty!!

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