Rustica – fresh from the kiln

Long time no see :). Today I’m introducing a new mini series, called “Rustica”.


Inspired by ancient artifacts and antique beads, these lampwork beads are on purpose not perfectly shaped. Well, all these beads actually started off with a round sphere shape, however I altered the perfectly round shape with a graphite paddle to have soft facets, that are barely noticeable at first look.

The beads are decorated with genuine 22K gold leaf or fine silver foil, and part of the precious metal was burned off, to give a rustic patina look, as if these beads have been buried in the ground for hundreds of years. The turquoise and sandstone set are softly etched, the purple set has been etched only for a short time, just enough to remove slightly the original gloss, but still leave a soft shimmer.

Just listed on Etsy:

Rustica Charoite – click here

Rustica Turquoise – click here

Rustica Sandstone – click here



  1. Lovely! And I really enjoy your descriptions.

  2. Ken Richey

    Wow they are out of site/

  3. Patricia Tyser Carberry

    Love your beads! I’m not getting your newsletters anymore. How do I sign up again?

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