A new Cascade necklace – and Etsy Pin It!

Did you see the sneak peak post about my new Cascade collection? 
Well, things aren’t moving as fast as I hoped for – mainly because my sterling silver supplier sent the wrong chains and also I was waiting for the display busts to arrive, so that I can shoot photos of the longer style necklaces. 
But today I was able to finally list a brand new piece from this collection, called “Sienna”. It’s a long station necklace, with two tone chains in silver and black rhodium. Of course combined with some of my own lampwork beads. 
 Sienna Necklace:

Original sketch:
If you want to see more pictures, check out my Etsy listing
Apropos Etsy: Did you see already the new “Pin It” button in all Etsy listings? If you use Pinterest, this is an easy way to pin your favorite Etsy listings on your pinterest boards. Just click the “Pin It” button (you can find it next to the Twitter and Facebook buttons):

Of course, feel free to pin my new Cascade necklaces!!! *hint hint for a shameless plug*

Talk soon, 

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