Sneak Peak: Cascade jewelry line

Since a few weeks, I’ve been working on the new “Cascade” jewelry line, and just finished the first two prototypes. I’m absolutely thrilled how the pieces turned out and am excited to share a sneak peek of the line.
Bold multi-chain necklace 
(click to enlarge)
Disks & chain bib necklace


At this point the collection consists of 7 different necklace styles. It’s a fresh, contemporary line and as expected, main features are my handmade lampwork beads, paired with a variety of chain styles.
I am keeping the beads minimalistic and the color story clean with a selection of all time favorites (like grey, clear and pink) and a range of new, vivid Spring 2012 colors thrown in for good measure.

Here are some sketches for the other designs (Yes, I know – I’m not the best sketcher LOL). 
I can’t wait to start working on these, and would love to hear what you guys think! 

ETA: Find my new Etsy shop, exclusively for jewelry, here 


  1. I really like the one with the orange discs and the chain. Very smart!

  2. Thanks so much Jane.
    I am really proud of these, because it's all designs that I would (and will) wear myself. Often when I make jewelry, I am designing around the beads that I want to use. Resulting often in a design that the customer loves, but it's not really “me”. But with this line, I started with the sketches (not the beads), thought up designs that I really love, that are “me”. And then made the beads afterwards to match the sketches.

  3. LOVE the top one with the jumbled chains!

  4. Thanks Lea 🙂 That's my favorite too. But the other one is easier to wear everyday … while the first one is really a statement necklace.

  5. Wow…. I really love where you are going with this! The designs are so cool…. definitely something I would wear! Cant wait to see it all evolve. 🙂

  6. Thanks so much Kimberly. I'm having lots of fun with these new designs. Just made another one of the bold multi chain style with etched peach beads.

  7. Hallo Judith,

    oh, was für schöne Ketten! Besonders die Orangefarbene gefällt mir sehr gut. Bin gespannt auf die anderen Modelle.

    Liebe Grüße

  8. Danke Felicitas :).
    Ich warte noch auf eine groessere Lieferung Sterling Silver Ketten, bevor ich mit manchen von den Modellen anfangen kann. Aber ich arbeite schon on den Designs, die kein Sterling Silver benutzen (z.B. die Grau geaetzte hat mehr als 10 Meter an Ketten … mit den heutigen Preisen kann ich das nicht in Silber anbieten, da wuerde ich keinen Kaeufer finden).
    Liebe Gruesse nach Deutschland 🙂

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