Just one of those days …

… where nothing turns out as expected.

On my first set of beads, I envisioned those two moonstone colors – a milky green and a milky clear, mingling in some thousand year old glacier. Well, the CIM Cirrus glass turned opaque white on me. I made test beads, and in those beads it stayed a lovely milky moonstone transparent. So when I opened the kiln this morning, I was disappointed to see this:

Glacier Sparkle Mix

And the second set, I was hoping for a cleaner, stronger hot pink (mixed with peaches and apricots). Instead of that the colors look a bit livery to me. I know, it’s because I mixed the Gold Pink with peach and apricot, which gives it a warmer tint … but it was just not what I expected 😦

Tutti Frutti Sparkle Nuggets
Oh, and there was a third sets of beads that I don’t like. But so far I haven’t even bothered with cleaning them. Meh 😦
Hopefully better luck tonight. Sounds weird, to talk about luck, but sometimes it all just depends on some butterfly in China spreading it’s wings. Or some common sense when mixing colors LOL.


One comment

  1. I love the Tutti Fruttis — they're beautiful!!

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