Haven’t lost my marbles ;)

I always loved the look of marble. Something so soothing in following the lines with your eyes. And also in a “crafty sense”, I tried my hands in the past on different marbling techniques, for example paper marbling and faux painting of the walls to achieve a marble look.
With my beads, I don’t often use a marble effect, because I think it doesn’t translate that well into the kind of glass colors that I prefer. However, yesterday night I had my own private “marble happy hour” at the torch. I was tired, could not concentrate well, and the bead muse was nowhere to be found. So inspiration was lacking, and instead of shutting down the torch and stopping for the night, I pulled out the marbling equipment (read: tungsten rake) and mixed up a couple of frit colors.
Here’s a picture of my marbled glass beads … 3 sets of crunchies and two sets of rounds.
Let’s hope, the bead muse is coming my way tonight – or else there will be even more marbled glass to list tomorrow LOL.
Have a great start into your week,


  1. Personally, I like the “marble muse” that's visiting! 🙂

  2. THanks Terry & Sharyl 🙂 I appreciate the kind words about my beads, gives me a big smile!

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