Pink Opal Focal Bead – second attempt :)

If you’re not only reading this blog, but are also one of my Facebook fans, then this bead will look strangely familar:

I made a very similar focal bead last week, but that bead had a tiny little imperfection. I think I touched it in the kiln with another hot bead, and there was a nearly invisible scratch in the encasing.

So I took the opportunity to give away that first bead to one lucky Facebook fan. Here you can see our dog Pasta drawing the name of the winner:

Congratulations again to Linda, who won the original focal bead. She wants to create a pendant and dangle 4mm Swarovski crystals from it and put it on a copper or silver chain. We’re all excited to see Linda’s creation!

Never one to keep rest until I’m happy, I sat down yesterday and did a retake on exactly the same bead. The result you can see above, and this time I took especially care not to have another kiln accident.

Because I love this design so much (adapted from the Fire Opal tutorial by Amber – Naos), I made also a set of matching lentils.

Both items are currently listed for auction at Ebay. Click here.



  1. Judith, they are breathtaking beautiful.
    Happy holiday season

  2. Thanks Daniela.
    The same to you: Frohe Weihnachten!

  3. Way to go, Pasta! Beautiful pink bead!

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